Nike SB Dunk

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The Nike SB Dunk Low, a silhouette that initially faced diminishing popularity, has re-emerged as a favorite in the sneaker community. Officially launched in 2002 as a basketball shoe, it transformed into a skateboarding staple distinguished by its unique collaborations and colorways. Notable for its association with major brands and artists, including Supreme and Travis Scott, the SB Dunk has reintroduced itself with iconic colorways like the Heinekens, Pigeons, and Lobsters. These coveted designs, often reserved for collectors, highlight the shoe’s resurgence and influence. Recent partnerships have refreshed the model with modern twists, such as Diamond Supply’s Canary Dunk and Ben & Jerry’s wildly popular ice cream-themed design, emphasizing its cultural relevance and innovative appeal. With retail prices starting at $100, the SB Dunk continues to offer both general releases and limited editions that attract premiums, ensuring its place both in skate culture and on the streets.